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Glen Lee

Managing Director  Bsc, MBA.

Glen has been involved in mining in Western Australia for over 20 years. His experience spans underground, open cut and civil projects from a systems management perspective. He has experience in primary industry in Canada, China and a number of African countries. Glen is well-travelled and has had broad commercial exposure to international business and commodity brokerage.

Ian Clarke

Technical Director

Responsible for product design and development, Ian founded DUSTAC in 2007 in response to an identified gap in quality dust suppressant supply and service. Since then, Ian has worked tirelessly perfecting the product range and identifying the highest quality raw material suppliers from around Australia and across the globe. His attention to detail ensures all products and services are applicable to customers’ requirements and can stand up to the harsh conditions of Western Australia’s mining industry.

Kelly Lee

Services Manager

Kelly has over 15 years’ experience working in international business, healthcare, and management consulting industries. Kelly’s experience with big data provides clients with a solid platform to help identify new and innovative ways to solve problems.

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