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Site Dust Assessments and Reports

We send a consultant or a team of technicians to site to conduct third party evaluations of onsite dust source emissions. We familiarise ourselves with your operation and offer formal reporting with detailed assessments of sources of dust and potential impacts. This process generally takes no more than one day and is what we consider Phase 1 of any comprehensive dust management strategy. We DO NOT charge clients for this service – we supply a consultant free of charge but do ask for flights / accommodation to be provided where applicable. The offer includes a comprehensive report detailing observations and recommendations.

The benefits to you:

  • We detail all the areas your dust is coming from

  • We recommend what to do about that dust based on exposure priorities

  • We provide detailed reports as a point of reference for your organisation’s future planning

  • There is no charge for the service

Site Dust Assessments and Analysis

Onsite Dust Monitoring and Analysis

Our onsite dust monitoring and analysis services offer our clients the opportunity to gain an insight into the real time effects of dust being generated and likely future impacts of the dust onsite. This service includes a wholistic data capture process involving the use of various dust monitoring techniques to generate emissions data. Samples of dust are taken and laboratory analysed to provide details of dust composition and specification. We only use the latest technologies and all laboratory work is certified by a registered analytical laboratory.

The benefits to you:

  • We detail how much dust is being emitted by various parts of the operation

  • We detail what particle sizes are being produced and their levels

  • We detail what the composition of that dust is

  • We provide a detailed report as a point of reference for your organisations future planning

Onsite Dust Monitoring and Analysis

Road Based Dust Suppression

DUSTAC is one of the leading manufacturers of road based dust suppression additives in Australia. Whilst most companies import dust suppressant additives - we manufacture in Australia. We have a range of road based dust suppressant additives that suit most conditions where we don’t, we customize. Our unique proposition is that we have the ability to customize the additives for your site. Part of our site evaluation is to obtain road material samples which are sent to our laboratory for rigorous testing – where required we design the perfect product for your site. All our products are premised on 3 core values – water wise, effective against dust, intrinsically safe to people and the environment. In most instances we will be happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of any additives prior to you committing. Our products include:

  • Dustloc – lignin based road binder (binds surface and retains moisture)

  • Soiloc – acrylic copolymer (hard setting polymer that resists water)

  • Hydraloc – penetrant (super wetter that maximises rapid water penetration)

  • Surloc – nanopolymer (retains moisture longer in top surface of road)

We believe this is the most effective, practical and cost-efficient suite of road-based dust suppression additives available in Australia today.

The benefits to you:

  • Products with proven dust control performance at recognised operations

  • Products that are safe and easy to apply

  • Our ability to customize products to suit unique conditions

  • Local manufacturing means readily available product

  • Dedicated after sales service support 

Road Based Dust Suppression
All our products are premised on 3 core values – water wise, effective against dust, intrinsically safe to people and the environment

Materials Handling Dust Suppression

Process and crushing circuits are invariably the source of most dust generation on site. Our aim is to eradicate dust on conveyors systems, stackers, stockpiles, rail load outs, crushers, underground ore pass & grizzlies, and ship loaders. Utilising the latest air atomizing technologies, we have the capability to design, manufacture, install and maintain state of the art dust suppression systems for our clients’ operations. We are available at the project concept design and planning phase, or at any stage during the life of a project. We match the most practical and cost-effective control measures for your operation, and we see the strategy through to completion. Whether it’s planning new projects or upgrading existing systems – our team delivers effective, long-lasting solutions.

The benefits to you:

  • Experienced civil and subdivision team at your disposal

  • Dedicated and specialised dust suppression mobile plant

  • Access to dust suppression additives that WILL save your project money

  • Unrivalled additive product technology

  • Dedicated after sales services

Materials Handling Dust Suppression

Civil and Subdivision Dust Suppression

Given the construction and development boom gripping Perth and WA, the time has never been better for DUSTAC to merge the years of experience obtained building and maintaining roads around the Pilbara and Goldfields, with state-of-the-art mobile plant and additive technologies suitable for use in the civil and subdivision sectors. At the heart of the fastest growing division within our company is a team of experienced plant and civil professionals that are on hand to assist your team with dust suppression and soil stabilisation solutions at your civil project or subdivision. Our team can offer dust management mobile plant, water saving additives ideal for projects with limited access to water, products suitable for securing embankments and raised benches, and we have an alternative broad acre dust suppression that is many times more effective AND less costly than any surface sprays available on the market today.

The benefits to you:

  • Mine approved equipment at your disposal

  • A wide range of equipment to suit your requirements

  • Dedicated dust suppression fit outs

  • Competitive flexible rates

  • Wet or Dry hire

  • Long term or Short term hire

  • Broad geographical zone serviced

  • Dedicated after sales service

Civil and Subdivision Dust Suppression
Data Management

Data Management

Managing dust on a site or in an operation can be an expensive process if the understanding of the generation sources is not clear. Furthermore, keeping track of where money is spent, how effective a solution actually is, and what the potential exposure levels are to your business are extremely difficult to definitively control if no system is established to monitor and evaluate them. At DUSTAC we have developed a series of data management systems to provide clarity and real time decision making opportunities for organisations and teams to effectively manage inputs and outputs of any dust management program. From dust management hardware, to real time monitoring, asset optimisation and functional reporting - all systems are customised to the operation and the decision making parameters required. This is cutting edge thinking that is unparalleled in the mining and construction industry - contact us today to learn more.


We evaluate, assess and document dust generation streams and engineer the most appropriate indicators to monitor in order to ensure a practical and robust system is developed. All hardware is supported by full service and training capabilities, and is available remotely as required.


Systems are developed to process raw data within specific data sets that support the selected management protocols to achieve the intended outcomes. We work with clients to manage these data analysis fictions on site or off our secure networks.


Customised reporting systems are established to reflect the required management decision making capabilities.

The benefits to you:

  • Customised solutions

  • Specifically engineered dust management hardware

  • Full analytical support

  • Better management decision making

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