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Our commitment is to deliver excellent, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions to a wide variety of dust emission problems on a site specific basis.

We have the leading range of products and expertise, providing the most effective and efficient solution for all dust suppression issues.



Dust Reduction – Mining / Civil / Agriculture

DUSTLOC is one of the most proven and flexible products for binding road surfaces and controlling wheel generated and blow on “fugitive” dust.

DUSTLOC offers the following benefits:

  • Significant Reduction in Wheel Generated Dust

  • Significant Reduction in Water Usage (up to 85% in controlled situations)

  • Reduced Grading Frequency

  • Road Surface stability enhancement

  • Environmentally safe


Dust Reduction – Mining / Civil / Agriculture

SOILOC is a High Quality Styrene-acrylic co-polymer emulsion which acts as an excellent stabiliser
and broadacre dust suppressant.

SOILOC provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible Dust Free Layer

  • Creates a Long-term Solution (dust control on dumps, stockpiles and civil development areas)

  • Higher Rates Can Provide an Extremely Hard, Water Resistant Surface.

  • Improve Visibility and Safety

  • Reduce Erosion (wind, rain, traffic)

  • Can Be Used to Increase Water Run-off in Catchment Areas

  • Very Low Inclusion Rates

  • The application process is flexible and can be modified to suit site or process specific requirements.


Dust Reduction – Mining / Civil / Agriculture

HYDRALOC is a specifically designed surfactant that breaks down surface tensions allowing more efficient penetration of water and dust suppressant additives. It will improve the penetration of water in the most difficult soil materials – allowing water to sink in quickly and efficiently before excess runoff or evaporation takes place.

HYDRALOC provides the following benefits:

  • Water Extender (improves water penetration)

  • Suitable for Difficult to Wet Substrates.

  • Reduce Watering Frequency.

  • Improve Visibility and Safety.

  • Increase Water Penetration up to 30 X Faster (less evaporation).

  • Very Low Inclusion Rates


Dust Reduction – Mining / Civil / Agriculture

SURLOC is a high quality water activated polymer which is added to water
and binds to fine dust particles EFFECTIVELY retaining moisture in the road surface.

SURLOC offers the following benefits:

  • Significantly Minimise Dust Levels

  • Improve Visibility and Safety

  • Improve Haul Road Running Surfaces (Improve Tyre Wear)

  • Improved Water Cart Efficiency (reduce watering frequency)

  • Reduced Grading and Road Maintenance

  • Water Usage Reductions

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