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Our business model is simple – we work with your team to ensure dust is totally controlled in a safe and sustainable manner. We offer a number of services and products; these can be engaged as a sequence or in individual packages. Our service offering is specific to dust control across a range of industries and situations.


graphic_core_competencies_diagram_OUR TOTAL DUST-CONTROL-SOLUTION

Onsite Assessment

A critical part of understanding our clients specific needs and desired outcomes is by making onsite assessments of the operations and seeing first hand what factors influence dust generation. An onsite assessment can be anything from a couple of hours to one or two days depending on the complexity of the operation.

COVID Assessment – Given the restrictions of site based travel, site assessments can be conducted as a desktop review.


Develop Strategic Plan

We combine our customers outcome requirements with the results of the comprehensive site assessment and formulate a strategic dust management plan for the operation. We consider aspects including budgets, water, environment, production, timeliness and operational efficiencies to ensure expectations are exceeded. A strategic plan can be developed for a single element of the operation – or for the entire business. 


Custom Solution

Our inhouse design team have the experience to ensure our solutions are tailored to our clients specific outcome requirements. Whether it is road based dust suppression, suppression systems on conveyors, or selecting the most appropriate sampling and analysis monitoring service – we select the most applicable and cost effective solution for the operation. 

install and apply-graphic_diagram

Install and Apply Onsite

Once a solution has been selected we are fully equipped to facilitate the installation and / or application of any product or service on site. Our engineering team are capable of modifications and technical installations of spray systems on conveyor circuits, stockpiles or ship loaders, our civils team are well versed in guiding site teams through road based suppression additive application, and we have inhouse certified ventilation officers that can manage your entire air monitoring program including statutory obligations relevant to the operation.


Ongoing Maintenance

We are a relationship based organisation and ensure we are available at every stage of your operation life cycle to complete our mandate and help you meet your objectives. Our teams remain committed to the strategy and we pride ourselves on the level of after sales service we offer. Maintenance of any system is critical to its sustainability and we include ongoing maintenance and follow ups as part of the solution.


Turnkey solution

Dust control does not need to be difficult. Dust is our business and we can partner with your team at any or every level of the process depending on your requirements. We started as an Australian based manufacturer of road based dust suppression additives, but have grown into an organisation that is wholistic in identifying where your dust comes from, astute in developing practical strategies for managing that dust, reliable in manufacturing and producing solutions to control the dust, experienced in installing and applying those products and services, and committed to the ongoing maintenance of any system we install or you ask us to manage.


You can engage us a member of your team at specific points in your business cycle, or you can engage us a third party to manage all aspects of dust on your site from start to finish of the operation. You give us the keys at the start and we drive the journey – making sure you have no dust in your operation and then we give the keys back at the end of the project.

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